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Mamco Precision Molding Leading Manufacturer of High Quality Plastic Injection Molding, Custom Injection Molding, Injection Molder & More!

Welcome To MAMCO Precision Molding

MAMCO Precision Molding is a leading manufacturer of high quality plastic injection molding, custom injection molding, injection molder pieces and much more. When your operations calls for highly specialized, precision parts, MAMCO should be your first choice.

MAMCO has been an industry leader in plastic injection molding since 1964. Our company was founded with a mission to provide the highest quality products for less. This guiding principle has served us over the years and has made MAMCO a name that companies all over the world trust for custom injection molding.

Why Choose MAMCO?

In a word, we deliver results. MAMCO Precision Molding is a world-class supplier of plastic injection molded parts and assemblies that demand high repeatability and tight specifications. For years, companies have relied on us to supply them with their plastic injection molding pieces for a wide variety of applications. With a commitment to quality and an eye on innovation, we have built a name that stands for performance in the industry.

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About Mamco Precision Molding

About Our Company

Our injection molder operations are strategically located in Oneonta, New York. This state is known for its quality driven and dedicated work force, MAMCO Precision Molding continues to build long-term partnerships in demanding markets that include:

Learn More About Mamco Precision Molding We invite you to learn more about MAMCO Precision Molding and why your company can benefit from our plastic injection molding services.

Do you have questions about MAMCO? Our FAQ should provide the answers.

Plastic Injection Molding FAQsPlastic Injection Molding FAQs

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About Our Services

At MAMCO, we distinguish ourselves from the competition through the services we provide. We don’t just produce the best custom injection molding components, we also provide our customers with such services as:

  • Full product and process development injection molding services. In-house mold maintenance with prototyping capabilities.

  • Single source procurement for straight and insert molded components and assemblies.

  • High quality, consistent repeatability, complex components and assemblies
Mamco Molding ServicesLearn more about our Plastic injection molding services.

Plastic Injection Molding Services

Injection Molding Robotics & Technology

About Our Features

You can also learn more about us by previewing our Advances in Automation and Technology.

When results matter, MAMCO is the place to turn for custom injection molding. Your satisfaction is our top concern.


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